📦 Installation


Sheldon can be installed using Homebrew.

brew install sheldon


Sheldon can be installed from Crates.io using Cargo, the Rust package manager.

cargo install sheldon

In some circumstances this can fail due to the fact that Cargo does not use Cargo.lock file by default. You can force Cargo to use it using the --locked option.

cargo install sheldon --locked

Cargo BInstall

Sheldon can be installed using cargo-binstall, which will download the release artifacts directly from the GitHub release.

cargo binstall sheldon

Pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries for Linux (x86-64, aarch64, armv7) and macOS (x86-64) are provided. These can be downloaded directly from the the releases page.

Alternatively, the following script can be used to automatically detect your host system, download the required artifact, and extract the sheldon binary to the given directory.

curl --proto '=https' -fLsS https://rossmacarthur.github.io/install/crate.sh \
    | bash -s -- --repo rossmacarthur/sheldon --to ~/.local/bin

Building from source

Sheldon is written in Rust, so to install it from source you will first need to install Rust and Cargo using rustup. Then you can run the following to build Sheldon.

git clone https://github.com/rossmacarthur/sheldon.git
cd sheldon
cargo build --release

The binary will be found at target/release/sheldon.